Pickleball Tournament

The Magic Seeds Project is hosting a pickleball tournament open to all. The tournament consists of two levels, advanced and intermediate, guaranteeing 4 games to all teams of 2. The tournament will be hosted in Medford Lakes at Brooke's Field on September 25th, 2021, with the rain date of September 26th. To sign up, have each individual team member fill out the form below and pay the $30 per person entry fee.

All participants will receive a swag bag at the registration table the day of the event. This event will follow all appropriate guidelines outlined by the state of New Jersey in order to keep our participants safe.

Tournament play will consist of two different levels of play. Each level will have two groups of six teams that will play each other in a single 11 point game to determine the winner. This guarantees that every team will play at least four games. The top two teams from the pool of six teams will advance to the semi-final tournament bracket. There will be a trophy for the winning team for each level of play.

The official rules for the tournament can be found here.

Pickleball Tournament Entry